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discussing, florida senator marco rubio gave the g.o.p. response, a speech clearly written well in advance of the president's state of the union because it was like he didn't hear a word the president said. >> his solution to virtually every problem we face is for washington to tax more, borrow more and spend more. now, rubio's delivery was arguably better than responses in the past. but as we've been joking, there is this moment which stole the show. >> nothing has frustrated me more than false choices like the one the president laid out tonight. the choice isn't just between big government or big business. >> oh, so unsmooth and awkward. rubio did speak out this morning on "good morning america" and said "i needed water" what was i going to do? >> we're back after the break. going to do the young turks. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out.
. as you expect, republicans quickly pounced. marco rubio already called it dead on arrival and then took a break for water. and senator rand paul had this to say. >> this is the president torp o torpedoing his own plan. when they come out and say my way or the highway and if congress doesn't ask i'll put it on the desk and say pass it now, that's no way to get it done. and then he'll blame it on us. but it seems to me to show that really the president really doesn't want immigration reform. >> the president doesn't want immigration reform. only in the bizarro world of congress can you be labeled not serious about an issue by proposing legislation specifically focused on that issue. thank you, senator paul. we need a voice of reason to sort all of this out. let's take it to the bank. dana millbank, columnist for "washington post," how are you, sir? >> good. you couldn't find a voice of reason so you had to come with me. >> he'll be here all week. so its president is talking about eight years to citizens p citizenship. this seems to be a fairly punitive measure, beaten ruin joe oto the p
♪ ] >> hello current t.v. land. the marco rubio thing, once we get a comedy bingy it's fun. >> he drank, he snacked exercised, and drank again. it was cute. he made fun of it all the way through. >> we're not doing anything. we'll wait until you're done. >> the president spoke for an hour. he didn't take a drink once. >> not once. because he is superman. jacki sheckner in the current news center. >> president obama's going to travel to georgia today to talk about another part of his state of the union address guaranteed high quality preschool education. he's visiting a prek. class and then going to the decatur community recreation center to give some remarks. later, he is back in washington where he's going to hold an on line fireside hangout to talk more about the state of the union. it will be steramed live on on you tube. rubio said this about his own humble lifestyle. >> i still live in the same working class neighborhood i grew up in. my neighbors aren't millionaires, they're retirees who depend on social security and medicare. >> politico reports as rubio's west miami
republican senator marco rubio was not so pleased saying ispart quote this legislation is half-baked and seriously flawed. if actually proposed the president's bill would be dead on arrival in congress. i want to bring in ryan grim. good to see both of you. >> thanks. >> thanks for having me. >> ryan, white house chief of state. said the white house wanted to be ready with a backup plan. take a listen. >> we have not proposed anything to capitol hill yet. we have a bill. we are doing what the president said we would do last month in las vegas which is we are preparing. we are going to be ready. we have developed the proposals so we have them in a position to succeed. >> if immigration reform has bipartisan support why would the white house feel compelled to fluke their own plan. >> this is the legacy of health care reform. the white house is still scarred from the dramatic experience of watching max baucus spend months haggling with olympia snowe in a room in a senatet office building and also derailed health care reform. that is the only thing that allowed it to drag out over
-field advantage and he ends up looking like kenneth the page. >> i don't think rubio will look like that or sound like that. i think he will obviously, it will be a play on immigration. it will be hopefully an economic response to the president. to your point, joe, the president has said, we've got to do something about entitlements. the question is what? what are you willing to put on the table? is he going to lay out a specific or some direction towards a specific policy. that's what republicans will look for. more importantly to your question, they have an opportunity to frame this economic argument. you still have 21 million americans unemployed. the rate is still up. you can frame that argument and say to the president, take the laundry list you laid out tonight, give us the bill and we will wait for it in the house and embrace it and work with you and the senate democrats if that's what you want. give us the bill. >> i think the whole speech is going to be in spanish so we won't know what he says. >> i can go to sleep much much earlier and wait for the translation. >> talk about a no win si
you even go forward with some of these ideas. >> rose: the republican message came from marco rubio the senator from florida. here's a sample of that. >> president's in both parties from john f. kennedy to recalled reagan have known our free enterprise economy is the source of our middle class prosperity. but problem, he believes it's the cause of our problems. but the economic downturn happened because our government didn't tax enough, spend enough or control enough. and therefore as you heard tonight, his solution to virtually every problem we face is for washington to tax more, borrow more and spend more. >> rose: i'll talk about the political implications of marco rubio but what do you think of what he said and his presentation and the strength that he seems to be gaining by being a significant republican voice. >> i think it's important he's trying to say we don't have to be an exclusive party, we can be a party that brings other people in. but there was a very very clear ideological divide between what he said and the president said. which is that the president believes and h
over the weekend. senator marco rubio called it "half baked and seriously flawed." the white house says it's a backup plan in case others stumble in theirests. >> reporter: immigration is one of the issues that sparks democrats and republicans. while eight senators are finishing a bipartisan bill, "usa today" reveals the white house has been working on a backup plan if the current efforts fall apart. >> if those do not work out, then we'll have an option that will be ready to put out there. >> reporter: president obama's chief of staff says the white house proposal would bolster border security and include a path to citizenship for this nation's 11 million undocumented immigrants. republicans say any plan with the president's name on it is bound to fail. >> of course it will. and that's why we are working together, republicans and democrats. by the way, he's had no communications with republicans on the issue, unlike the previous four presidents that i've dealt with. >> reporter: senator john mccain is one of the so-called gang of eight lawmakers working on the bipartisan bill. so is fl
check employees' legal status. republicans didn't hesitate to voice their discontent. marco rubio said "if actually proposed, the president's bill would be dead on arrival in congress sleeving us with unsecured borders 'and broken legal immigration system for years to come." the white house has not publicly released the language for the bill but the president had warned congress he's poised to act if they don't move quickly on immigration reform. >> if congress is unable to move forward in a timely fashion, i will send up a bill based on my proposal. >> reporter: overnight the white house also rooshed this statement "the president has made clear the principles upon which he believes any commonsense immigration reform effort should be based. we continue to work in support of a bipartisan effort." the president with democratic senators here at the white house on wednesday. they're working on bipartisan legislation and they hope to have something to push forward in march. the president also telling univision going beyond that deadline would be a problem. bianna. >> i'll take it from here.
senator marco rubio caught viewers' attention for another reason. he took a break for a sip of water. >> nothing has frustrated me more like false presidents like the one the president laid out tonight. the choice isn't just between big government or big business. >> very bizarre. >> that is a little weird. >> it was not like it was right there. he had to stop and reach for it. >>' like i hope no one sees me. we saw you. just a little out of breath. can you imagine. you know everybody is watching right after the state of the union. it is a big thing. >> he is a young guy. maybe he got caught up in the moment. >> probably had something stuck in his throat. >> i don't know. did it sound like it? >> we're in the same line of work. we have to be able to talk in front of camera. >> we've had lofts things happen. >> a lot of issues here. >> well, we're a special case. >> yes, we are. in many ways. >> right. cold temperatures to start your morning. definitely be prepared for a wintry feel. we'll warm it up into the low 40s. that will be just warm enough that as our precipitation moves in la
media blue up last night over this. gop senator marco rubio taking what and to be a desperate sip of water as he delivered the republican response. he was a little nervous and it is not sitting very closely to him the seemingly overheated rubio had already wipe his brow a few times during his speech. how many times did he do that? we were asleep by then. >> no, they're just looping it. >> it just looks like it. >> we're looping the video. >>> still ahead, a big crowd is on hand at st. peter's basilica as the pope makes his first public appearance since his decision to retire. we'll have more from vatican city after the break.  >>> in just a few hours from now, probes will lead ash wednesday service, his last as the leader of the catholic church. earlier this morning, the pope held his weekly yep audience that had to be moved to a larger venue to hold the huge crowd. the holy father said his resignation is for the good of the church. live look right now at the vatican. planning a very large audience for the day before his rest you go nation takes effect. it is set to be h
, his health and the fact that he has grown daily weary. >> let's float marco rubio. >> i love it. he knows who tupac is. >> he says he's not the savior. >> he did. >> he clarified. >> he clarified, i am not the savior. there's only one savior, jesus christ. >> i didn't know. >> joseph ratzinger, cardinal ratzinger then was 78 years old when he got this job and was actually looking at retirement. he was ready to step down. >> right. >> but obviously the vatican calls -- >> he was moving to boca. hey, how do you know, mika brzezinski, that your church, the catholic church, is in serious, serious trouble? >> how? >> when mike barnicle is speaking. when he becomes -- >> when i'm at the pope desk. >> when he's at the pope desk. where is pat buchanan? hey, somebody call pat buchanan and wake him up. what's up next? >>> well, we're going to talk about the state of the union next. coming up, deputy majority whip congressman tom cole will join us. also former deputy campaign manager for the obama campaign, stephanie cutter will be here to preview the president's state of the union address. an
for stricter gun laws. but the pressure will also be on rising republican star senator marco rubio. who will deliver the response. rubio was a much talked about potential vp candidate last year. something david muir asked about on the campaign trail. >> i think if i do a good job as a senator, i'll have other opportunities inside and outside politics in the future. i don't know what they are, but i'll have them. >> you've got to be thinking about it, we heard the freudian slip. >> if i do a good job as vice president -- i'm sorry. [ laughter ] >> it wasn't a freudian slip. >> reporter: he wasn't picked for vice president, but he might be eyeing something bigger. the next step, doing well tuesday night. >> a lot watching him, along with the president. reena, thank you. >>> and abc news will carry the coverage of the president's state of the union address live tuesday evening at 9:00 p.m. eastern. diane and george right here. >>> now tonight to the widow of legendary penn state coach joe paterno, fighting back against the official report of the scandal that ended her husband's career. she
response to the state of the union was delivered by florida senator marco rubio. senator rubio said the president is hurting the middle class by steering the nation away from a free market economy. he used the rebuttal to rail against bigger government. >> more government isn't going to help you get ahead. it will hold you back. more government isn't going to create more opportunities. it is going to limit them. more government isn't going to inspire new ideas, new businesses and new private sexer jobs t will create uncertainty. >>> president obama maintains that the nation can prosper with what he calls a smarter government, not a bigger one. >> our state of the union coverage continues on fox 5 morning news and coming up this hour, more on the significance of the special guest at last night's speech. at 5:00, area lawmakers react to president obama's plan to address looming defense budget cuts. cuts. >>> now to our other top stories, shock and grief on the university of maryland campus as the school tries to understand why a graduate student would shoot his two roomma
rubio gave the republican response. >> nothing has frustrated me more than false crisis like the one the president laid out. >> he was a little nervous and tense. >> i thought there was a light on him or something. >>> the first public appearance of the pope since he announced his resignation monday and he thanks all for their love and prayers. >>> tugs are towing the disabled carnival cruiseship to atlanta. >> there's raw sewage. >> all that. >> best in show winner, the affenpinscher affenpinscher. banana joe. >> banana joe how about that? look at him. stone faced, he's got it down. >> he just pulls off a back flip as the snow encasing him down that mountain. >>> the ceo of apple and a nasa engineer sat with michelle obama. you can't sit close to your wife surrounding her with nerds. >> "cbs this morning." >> i literally couldn't move my legs so they'd have to pick up my legs and put them into my next outfit. >> whoa, now there is he aa job. >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." we start with breaking news the sweeping manhunt for fugitive ex-cop wanted in a deadly ram
-baked and seriously flawed. rubio is in the middle east right now visiting israel and jordan and talking to leaders in both of those countries, and the timing is the interesting part of this for a lot of people because you see, president obama is scheduled to travel to israel next month. right now though the president is getting a little r & r in rubio's home state of florida, and it's led to some tense moments in the skies above vacation spots. fighter jets were called in twice tonight september small planes that strayed into that restricted airspace. the secret service and the faa are investigating, by the way. >>> let's get to south africa. relatives of off theus are strongly disputing prosecutor campaigns that the olympic track star committed premeditated murder. he is jail right now waiting for a bond hearing. pistorius' agent says he denies the allegation and his uncle spoke to reporters yesterday. >> after consulting with our legal representatives, we deeply regret the allegations of premeditated murder. we have no doubt there is no substance for the allegations and that the state's own case
republicans. marco rubio and rand paul. >>> still ahead, a story about a bay area woman who followed her heart. >> how the death of her husband prompted her to rescue their favorite cafe. >>> some folks in the silicon valley are anxiously awaiting results of a test flight of boeing's 787 dream liner. these are expected to connect san jose and tokyo and the same one is having problem with the lith-on ion batteries. the same ones used in cell phones. one caught fire after a flight to boston. until the 787s are flying again, the airport is out more than $200,000 a day in lost revenues. yesterday's 1,100 mile test flight in and out of seattle was the first time the faa has allowed any 787 to fly since the grounding of the fleet last month. the test flight appears to have been a success. >>> most financial experts out there will tell to you make business decisions with your head, not your heart. we're introducing to you one woman in the south bay who chose not to follow that advice and made a lot of people including heavy very happy. >> it's the continuation of an institution. nbc bay area's garvin
the report, including a key player in the bipartisan talks, marco rubio saying if actually proposed the president's bill would be dead on arrival. senator john mccain accused the white house of playing politics. >> leaks don't happen in washington by accident. >> reporter: democrats engaged in damage control. >> we've talked to senator rubio. he is fully on board with our process. i am very hopeful that in march we will have a bipartisan bill. >> reporter: an administration official says that leak was not planned. now that bipartisan group of senators continues to work on immigration reform but passage is not certain with lawmakers still sharply divided on key issues. natalie? >> kristen welker, port st. lucie, thank you so much. >>> lost his job after being charged with slapping a toddler on a minneapolis to atlanta flight. accused of hitting the 2-year-old and calling him a racial slur. the boy's mother says he appeared to be intoxicated on the flight and lashed out at their baby when he started to cry. his attorney says he will plead not guilty to the federal assault charge. >>>
marco rubio blasted the white house draft calling it dead on arrival for several reasons including the in fact it doesn't address guest speakers. former house speaker newt gingrich believes that any plan from the white house is doochled to fail. >> an obama plan led into this i find it hard that his plan's going to pass the house. >> reporter: that's kind of the bottom line. but white house officials have said that the president has warned repeatedly if they don't come up with an immigration bill, he will come up with one of his own. they say they too, are upset of the leak and say they don't want it to look like they're getting ahead of the process which they support and is going well. they also know it's the only thing that's likely to pass. norah, charlie? >> so, bill the president is spending this holiday weekend in florida. i understand he golfed with tiger woogs but the white house press corps is being denied access. >> reporter: they don't like to show the president at leisure doing anything. they see it as propaganda. we like to see whatever he's doing
dorner. we'll talk to reporter carter evans trapped in the gunfire. >>> marco rubio, paul union, and steve wynn are with us. >>> new news from the cruise ship and country star kari underwood. >> but we begin this morning with todday's "eye opener," your world in 09 seconds. >> a manhunt comes to an end. >> a man thought to be christopher dorner inside a cabin. >> one of our deputies passed away. >> that cabin eventually went up in flames. >> charred human remains were found inside. police still don't know for certain whether it was christopher dorner. >> until christopher dorner is & identified as deceased or hae has handcuffs on him, we're still going to continue as if he's out there. >> the president of the united states. >> president obama delivered his fifth state of the union address. >> the greatest nation on earth cannot keep continuing biz interest drifting from one manufacturer to the next. >> they deserve a vote. gabby giffords deserved a vote. the families of newtown deserve a vote. >> senator marco rubio gave the republican response. >>
of other obama proposals. >> excuse me for a minute. watergate 2.0, guys. senator marco rubio, he provided the republican response, sorry to say, marco rubio this is the one thing, guilty as charged, people are talking about today. >> oh, my gosh. >> nothing frustrated me more than false choices like the one the president laid out tonight. >> so here he goes, live on tv. bottoms up. wets the whistle. what is he thinking? >> unfortunately didn't have a cnn mug. >> didn't have a cnn mug. we should have provided it for him. patricia murphy, let me begin with you. here he is, rising republican, it is just kind of silly. >> it is. it is and it isn't. i think somebody who is more seasoned and is used to delivering major speeches at major times would not have gone for the water. i think really rubio is such a bright shining light for the republican party, but it just feels a little too soon, and last night it looked way too soon. that was just such an amateur mistake and i think it really stepped all over his message, which would have been good if it wasn't marred by his performance there. >> amy
will come from the republicans, senator marco rubio chosen to give the official response. it will be in english and spanish, of course. he's a rising star, the senator from florida. >> reporter: that's right. his speech will be entirely in english. but he is pretaping an entire response in spanish that will go out on the spanish language networks. rubio's message will also be about the economy. he's leading the charge for republicans on immigration. that will be mentioned in the speech. but again, his challenge will be to the president saying, we need a smaller government, maybe a more efficient government. but a smaller government. >> and there will be a separate tea party response from senator rand paul. diane sawyer and i will anchor the coverage of the state of the union at 9:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 pacific. >> should be an interesting night, george. >>> we're going to turn to the vacation nightmare. the carnival cruise ship that has been stranded in the gulf of mexico. instead of trying to go to mexico, the ship trying to get to a port now in mobile, alabama. matt gutm
. >>> some remember this last week, marco rubio diving for the bottle of water. now his political action committee is cashing in. started selling water bottles with rubio's name on them. they've already made $100,000. >> a game, like marco. >> rubio. >> very excited about the maker's mark thing. >> you guys where laughing. >> maybe a story that won't be told on "gma." >> might be told on "gma live." >> pop goes the news. >>> let's do it. good morning to you, everybody. boy, xwt silver linings playbook" has become the little movie that could. just broke the $10 million mark at the box office. this film, starring bradley cooper, robert de niro, and jennifer launs continues to gain momentum. it becomes the sixth of the nine nominees to join the $100 million club. oscar voting officially closes tomorrow. i believe, at 5:00 p.m. >> this is going to be some show. this year is going to be some, some, some show. >> one of the movies that has done remarkably is "life of pi." we have one of the big stars coming up today. exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. sam, give us a -- meow. >>> bright titan
to part out, senator marco rubio gave the republican rebuttal to the state of the union. he saw what was leaked and called the plan half baked and seriously flawed. he blasted the president's plan over the weekend. so where this goes from here should be very interesting. >> interesting to see where we go. >>> drivers are paying record high prices for gas for this time of year any way. aaa says the average price for a gallon is $3.71. prices have jumped 13% over the past week. the increase in costs are blamed on refinery problems and supply concerns and analysts predict no relief this spring when demand goes up. >>> attention all your beef lovers, get ready to pay more for your steaks and hamburgers. word is that beef prices are now expected to increase as much as 10% by the summer. demand is blamed for driving those prices up, even as the nation's herd is at the lowest self-in six decades. the bottom line, that summer barbecue is going to cost you. >> oh, man. >>> how many times have you told your kids turn off the tv? a new medical study gives you a reason to crack down. the journal
senator marco rubio gave the impression about how hard it's going to be to pass. combative speech, filled with a personal story, but somewhat combative. >> and both sides laying claim to being advocates for the middle class. subseque substance aside, there is a moment in rubio's speech where he reaches for a swig of water. >> it was a jar iring moment. we were taken aback, watching. but it was somewhat jarring. he, himself, sort of made fun of moment. he has tweeted out the fact that he maybe -- someone joked he may be giving up poland spring water for lent. >> he tweeted a picture of the offending water bottle and twitter quick to dub it watergate. >> what else do you call it? >> thank you, chuck. >>> i spoke to republican speaker of the house john boehner at a place called pete's diner, his favorite breakfast spot steps away from the capitol. i asked him about tough comments he made on tuesday, saying he didn't believe the president had the guts to stand up to his own party in an effort to tackle the nation's toughest problems. >> what i is suggested during the debt talks is that the pr
by another guy who we are told is a tea party senator, marco rubio. but marco rubio is giving the republican response and rand paul is giving the tea party republican response to the republican response. capisci? it is hard to tell at this point whether or not the republican party still has the wherewithal to be annoyed at its own members being this self-serving, whether or not they care. this throws kind of a wrench in the works, right, in terms of the republican party's efforts to portray itself as having a coherent, unified alternate vision to what president obama is offering. i mean if you like an alternative vision that is presented after the state of the union this year, which one do you pick? if you're in the market for a republican message, which one is being offered? and then how do you demonstrate that you like that message? how do you vote? what do you do? on the other side of the aisle, democrats and the white house are trying to make the most this year of the attention surrounding the president's speech. they are doing everything they can to use the speech for maximum political
. florida senator marco rubio will speak on behalf of the republican party. >>> there is still a few weeks left before the cuts hit the federal budget and while neither party likes the idea both are struggling over how congress should avoid the sequester. >> what we need is growth with jobs and if you have spending cuts, the education of our children and other investments like the national institutes of health where you are hindering growth you are not going to reduce the deficit. >> nancy pelosi said she's looking for a balance proposal. republicans, though, refused to consider tax increases and they are also -- >>> the men and women serving in the military deserve better than what we are giving them. they don't know what they are going to be doing tomorrow. we just delayed the deployment of an aircraft carrier. the consequences are severe. >>> president obama is calling for congress to cut wasteful spending as well close tax loopholes that benefit the wealthy as a way to -- says will affect small business loans and security agencies. >>> 2 california lawmakers are pushing for a bill that
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 69 (some duplicates have been removed)